Precision CNC Machining
In support of the medical industry, maintaining extremely tight tolerance specifications requires the precision and accuracy of our CNC manufacturing equipment. Diversity of material and there applications continues to broaden our capability.   
Medical Instrumentation 
From the operating room to outpatient procedures, we have had numerous opportunities to assist our clients in reaching their design and product functionality specifications.

 Interventional Cardiology 
Years of participation in the design, R&D and the production phases of steerable devices has given us a unique understanding of the time tested challenges inherent in the successful release
​of a quality product to market.

Diversity is Critical
From the ISS and JSC to implantable ports and dental imaging to life sciences and medical disposables and devices,
we are committed to providing our customers the design support and engineering assistance needed to bring their products into production. The more difficult the task is, the more our team is driven to the challenge of success

Custom Components
From first generation models to prototypes and production runs, we work with a variety of materials,  part designs and processes to assist our clients reach their end goals, from concept to production.
Customer Product Designs
We all take great pride in our dedication to quality and workmanship at all levels of involvement. When the health and lives of countless people depend on reliability and functionality, compromise is never an option.
Cardiac Catheterization
The successful launch of any medical device to the market place is a monumental task. From flow rates and frequency response to balloon deflation, packaging and sterility, attention to minute details is absolutely critical. 

Our Quality Program
We continuously have quality control plans and aggressive in-process inspection protocols in place throughout all phases of production. Our quality system encompasses all aspects needed to ensure our customer's specifications are achieved to provide the highest quality possible. With the use of dedicated inspection tooling and custom fixturing, rapid in process monitoring of all critical process parameters is easily achieved.